Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear God,

Are we really at the place where a simple act of running a marathon with our families and friends can become harmful. Please help us. What would make anyone feel it appropriate to bomb a Boston marathon yesterday is beyond all of us, but it happened. Yesterday two bombs exploded at the Boston marathon leaving two people dead, and 141 injured.
"According to CNN, as of Monday night, at least 17 of the victims are in critical condition, and among the deceased was an eight-year old boy. According to details from Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, the first two bombs went off around 2:50pm in close proximity to the finish line – along Boylston Street near Copley Square. The bombs were no further than 100 yards apart. A third explosion occurred nearly an hour and a half after the initial detonations at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, which is about 5 miles away from the Marathon finish line. Officials are trying to figure out if the blast were related. CNN has reported that the FBI are currently looking for a dark-skinned, or black male with a foreign accent as a potential suspect. Investigations still haven't been able to decifer if this is an act of terrorism, or domestic.

Obama stated in his address to the nation yesterday :
Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice.”

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