Monday, March 4, 2013


I love women’s empowerment movements so I was very excited to hear that radio personality from V103 Egypt had done an event called “Sisters Keepers Shut In” through her "Egypt Care Family Foundation". The purpose of the shut in was to bring together various sisters from Atlanta for an evening of sisterhood empowerment. How fun!! The panel discussion included people such as Nicci Gilbert, Mimi Faust, Towanda Braxton, The Sisterhood’s Ivy Couch Pastor Domonique and Miss Deb Antney.
Here is what Egypt had to say about the event:
“I started the Egypt Cares Family Foundation because I found that I was often volunteering for other organizations and it just made sense to sort of organize from within and do things that were truly who I am at my core. It was to expand my brand in a way that could help other people. So at the Egypt Cares Family foundation we believe that family is foundation, so we try to  tools spiritually based the family unit overall. Because if we can strength the women that are carrying the load, because a lot of us have become the mule of society. So if we can strength the women and re connect with our core then overall the family unit will be much stronger. This is one of the many programs that we do and the reason I wanted to do a sisters keeper shut in is because I think black women we’re in a state of emergency. We’re doing too much and trying to be too much to many people we’re forgetting who we are or whose we are. This is an opportunity for us to sister hood re connect create an environment of love and acceptance recognize our own personal power so that we can start new chapters of our lives.”
Domonique Scott, Mimi Faust, Ivy Couch, Nicci Gilbert, Egypt, Deb Antney, Mo Ivory, Amber Noble-Garland, Towanda Braxton- the-jasmine-bramd

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