Thursday, October 25, 2012


One thing my friends try to do is stay neutral when it comes to matters of my heart, and those I get involved with. However up in celebrity land, it may be a different ball game for Rihanna and her friend Melissa Forde. These chicks ride or die for each other, and it seems these days not only is Rihanna making a fool of herself, but she is too. Check out some real nitty gritty convos Melissa has been having with Karreuche's friends. Keep in mind this is public forum and everyone can see you making threats, and acting rachette!

Back at the ranch, Rihanna seems to be trying to be trying to act neutral!!! How many of you believe she is neutral or is she spreading this wild fire? I can't keep up. Someone's going to get seriously hurt. It is so young and juvenile, but when can I say must be good!;;

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