Monday, October 22, 2012


I am in a toss up between feeling like Evelyn Lozada is being nice, or just single and looking for attention?????

"An 18-year-old West Bloomfield High School student didn’t waste any time nailing down his prom date for next year. The senior went straight to Twitter and hit up “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada figuring since she’s back on the market now she might be down for a return to her high school days and she actually said yes.
Anthony tweeted:
“Since your single now, wanna go to prom with me”
When Ev said yes, he replied:
“Never in my life have I been so happy”
Proving she’s not just all talk, Evelyn wrote about accepting the offer on her blog, writing:
I have to say that I’m very excited because I was just asked to the prom by one of my Twitter followers named Anthony and I gladly accepted!  The reason why I’m so excited is because I never had the opportunity to attend my own prom.  During that time of my life, I was becoming a teenage mom and pregnant with my daughter Shaniece.
I’m very happy to know that Anthony is attending his prom and graduating high school, what a beautiful accomplishment.  I encourage all of you to stay in school and attend college!  There is nothing better than having an education and bright future.
Though prom doesn’t take place until May 29, 2013, Anthony already has the color scheme planned out. He told Evelyn to wear a red dress because he’s going to be in black and white. Can’t knock a young man who knows what he wants and goes after it. Hopefully he and Evelyn have a good time together."

What do you think about this stint??? Is it appropriate, or cute, or thirsty, and annoying??? MMMMMMMMMM.....I know Anthony sure is happy.!!!

Sidebar: I really like Evelyn.............

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