Thursday, August 16, 2012


Wow what a week! -- According to radaronline, Chad Johnson is now relentlessly begging back, to win back his wife, ohhh I mean ex-wife soon.  "As previously reported, Johnson's woes started last weekend after he was arrested and booked on charges of domestic violence."

"Within 24-hours the Dancing with the Stars alum was dropped by his football team, The Miami Dolphins, then had his reality show, Ev & Ocho canceled by VH1, then had his alleged mistress spill details of an illicit affair that she claims went on up until weeks before his marriage and finally, had his wife of 41 days, Evelyn Lozada file for divorce."

According to sources Evelyn is not trying to hear it because this is not the first time, Chad actually put his hands on Evelyn before! I kind of figured that, but didn't want to believe it. Dag, Chad. Looks like it's game over.

Radaronline; Bossip

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  1. don't go back to him!!, ur to good for him!!love GOD and yourself! GOD will bless you with your Man when the time is right!!