Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I can't say I feel sorry for these two at all. "The troubled SoHo club that was the scene of the bottle-hurling brawl between Chris Brown and Drake's posses has accused the musicians of ruining its reputation and torpedoing a $4 million deal to expand its brand around the country.

The owner of Greenhouse is suing Brown and Drake for $16 million, claiming they ordered their beefy security teams to throw "highball glasses laden with alcohol" and shatter "the handles of bottles of spirits to use as makeshift knives" during the June 14 melee.
Entertainment Enterprises, which is registered to club owner Jon Bakhshi, filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Civil Supreme Court Tuesday, saying it owns the federal trademark to "Greenhouse."
Before the June 14 dust-up, Entertainment Enterprises had reached an "agreement-in-principle" with another business to license the Greenhouse name and brand to nightclubs around the country, the lawsuit says.

"[The business] was primarily interested in the cachet and prestige associated with the Greenhouse marks," the lawsuit says.
But Entertainment Enterprises claims the interested party called off the deal when it learned of the musicians' melee, "explaining that the Greenhouse marks were now associated with the kind of violent, life-threatening riot engaged in by [Brown and Drake], and that they were now worthless."

All I have to say in the end was "Was it all worth it"?


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