Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am utterly confused on what Mase is doing back in the rap game. I only say that not because I don't believe you can be a Christian and do music, but for the past few months as I watched Mase progress in his ministry in Atlanta as a Pastor he preached about not being of the world so affirmatively. What can I say, I guess he's had a change of heart. Could this have anything to do with the recent tax issues that surfaced just last week?????

Check out the interview below of Mase calling into Flex's show, discussing how his return. I don't see any "praise the lords" or "to God be the glory's" . Hope it works out.

Welcome back, Ma$e. You might have noticed Wale’s “Slight Work” remix featured the Harlem rapper with a  show-stealing comeback verse. In a phone call with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, he chopped it up with Murda Ma$e about his anticipated return to hip-hop. It’s surprising to hear that last Friday (April 20) marked 13 years since he called into Flex’s radio show. Here, the two joked about Ma$e’s revival, how he ended up on the “Slight Work" remix, his current relationship with Diddy, and more. Head over to In Flex We Trust for the full interview.
On his comeback:
“You know, Flex. To keep it 100 with you, nobody’s got more chances like I got. I think meant to do it. That’s the conclusion I came to, I just meant to do it. I keep throwing it away, it keep coming back to me. It must be meant."
On how he jumped on the "Slight Work" remix:
"I think it was French. A lot of love that got out to French. I don’t know why he was repping me so strong. He just showed me Harlem love. He showed me Harlem love and he ain’t even from Harlem. I was on a “New York Minute” with him and Kiss. And after that, we just in the studio, we totally opposed. He just showed me wild love. I rock with who rock with me. He called Wale one time, and Wale was like, 'Come to the studio.' I was in Atlanta and then I just came through and they were just blowing so hard in the studio. Smoking all loud, they kept laughing at me, I couldn’t even get my verse out. I came back the next day, 'Yo, I’m ready now.' He was like, 'You ready?' And Diddy got on it and everybody got on it and that’s pretty much how it went."
On his relationship with Diddy:
"We just surprised each other. To this day, I always tell people I don’t have any issues with him. I think a lot of times we get on the other side of each other because of history. He’s one of the biggest contributors that has given to the church. We probably cooler than I thought."

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