Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Most people who know me, know I support the Haitians because I am Haitian. I love when people who don't have to decide to make a change, which has become my mission in life. This coming year will be all about paying more attention to the lives of others and putting our petty problems to the side and making a difference.

With this said I stumbled upon news of how  wonderful it is that this month Oprah Winfrey travelled to Haiti! Oprah travelled to the tent that Sean Penn my favorite actor of all time since I was 2 has set up in Haiti called J/P HRO. People assume that because Haiti has not been splattered all over the news that change has finally come after the aftermath of the earthquake well guess again. Almost two years later Haiti is still in a shambles. Oprah has begun her expedition in Haiti to broadcast with Sean Penn on OWN. As described by most media sites, a lot of people probably will miss it, since the numbers haven't been footing the bill over at OWN,but for those that do please pay close attention to what is still going in a country two years later after various efforts for repair after the earthquake.

Sean Penn, has  helped create an aid group that provides support to people who live in the encampment. The camp where his group works was built on a former country club golf course and has been home to thousands of people since the earthquake that left much of the Haitian capital in ruins.

Oprah describes the experience in an excerpt to media outlets:
“This is part of the next chapter, going around the world to see interesting and fascinating cases of profound examples of what can be done to make a difference in the world,”.

Aside from entertainment I think this is a cause and an issue that should be quite important to all of us. I hope many of you have continued to help the efforts in Haiti.

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