Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams COME TO BLOWS

Supposedly at Shaunie O'neals birthday party this weekend at Philippe Chow's Jennifer and Ev finally came to blows. Drinks were flowing and an argument ensued that potentially got Jen smacked over the head with a purse... Wow this is ugly. I knew something wasn't right from the photo shoot that was aired via streaming on VH1. Jennifer was not happy; and Evelyn looked like she was ready to set it off.

These ladies are definitely not friends supposedly the two no longer follow each other on twitter. The two separated last season due to Jennifer's unkind words about Chad Ochocinco. We thought that everything had potentially been washed away with Jennifer's tears but maybe not so much. Considering the maserati the Ev just got for her birthdday I'm sure she has no interest in rekindling with someone who talked about about her fiance. LOL.

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