Monday, November 28, 2011

Kim & Kourtney Take New York

Welcome Back!

I couldn't help myself but to watch Kim and Kourtney Takes New York last night. The funny thing is I wasn't watching because I care about Kourtney and Scott, or Kim and Kourtney's much loved sisterly bond. I was watching to see signs of the unraveling of the marriage. LOL. Honestly I don't know what to believe but I will say in some of the scenes of the show you can clearly see that there are two people who might of loved each other but were so different.

Firstly Kim and Kris had never lived together and that definitely played out on camera. Then to be living with a family member with a crying baby, and you have to train. It seemed very doomed as I watched from the beginning. I listened to Kris Humphries rants last night though about Kim's annoying ways about cleanliness, his lack of concern for the lime light and I wondered  he really realize what he had signed up for to begin with? I don't know if I even care about this but I can say I was glued to the T. V screen and I'm sure others were too.

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