Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well it looks like the Game has finally come clean about what Jackie Christie admitted on several final episodes on the Basketball Wives L.A.  Based on information from other media outlets today here is what the Game had to say about  his sexscapade with Gloria Govan to a friend concerning the situation.

“The Game is on tour and it stopped in [my city] this past Sunday. I ran into The Game at the strip club. We were in VIP so obviously I wanted to ask him about Gloria. He was clearly drunk so I just asked ‘Is it true you fawked Gloria from Basketball Wives?’… He just laughed and then nodded. Yep, so the rumor is TRUE!!!”

Its really unfortunate because I think both Matt, and Gloria tried their best to be the image of a well put together family for their viewers on the last season they were onfor Basketball Wives Miami. The Game is really out of order though for even admitting this but it's the Game we're talking about here.

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