Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Question By Everyone .....What Does Amber Rose Do?
Amber Rose did an interview yesterday on Hot 97.1's Cypher Sounds and Peter Rosenberg Morning show discussing her new book and details that are clear but yet unclear but thats neither here nor there. An important question came up in the interview and I have to say I sat there looking for an answer. "What Do You Do???? Does anyone really know the answer. Please check out the interview and tell me if you know. I have to admit as much as I have watched her from the sidelines over the years I have never really been interested. Today however I listened to her finally do an interview and I had many questions. How had a woman, stripper, around the way girl, friend, girlfriend, icon become so popular? Amber explains on the interview "people just like me". Can it really be summed up to that. Check it out!

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