Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kimsha Artest Is Gansta!

Allegedly Kimsha Artest reported on her facebook page yesterday that Shaunie O'neal could kiss her ass for not having her in more scenes on the new Basketball Wives Los Angeles Show on VH1. She then went on to say that she kisses Evelyn Lozada's ass and allows for people who allegedly slept with her husband to be on the show but not a model figure as herself... okkkk.  Kimsha made these allegations because she claims originally she had told Shaunie she would not participate in any scenes that showed any negative images of Black women. According to her feels her lack of scenes on the episodes since episode 1 has been because Shaunie O'neal requested she be cut.

Ron Artest then reportedly got to his twitter page reporting that the whole entire situation was a fraud and his wife in fact has no facebook  page and she had not written this status update. Based on the one scene I saw of Kimsha I can say that I'm leary on whether she actually did not write that. I'm just saying! We all know Evelyn Lozada is always on the job so shortly after this news hit the media, she reportedly got on her twitter page and started ripping everyone a new A-HOLE.

Firstly I cannot understand if any of this is true why these women always say I do not want to be portrayed in a negative light. HELLO! The show portrays women in a negative light. If it happened in Miami honey it is definitely going to happen in Los Angeles. Secondly if Kimsha Artest is however upset that she was cut from scenes from the show because she would not portray herself as a drama filled hood rat why would you be upset anyway.

I try to understand why people enter into these arenas but complain. I say you get what you sign up for. Take the check and keep it moving. If you wanted to be a role model for women there are plenty of other deals out there that would have been appropriate for that like maybe a women's retreat for basketball wives. The show clearly feeds off of drama when someone is allowed to beat up on their own sister in a MMA ring LOL. Anyhoo... as I said this is all supposedly not true so am still awaiting final confirmation. Hopefully someone will again update their twitter page. LOL.

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