Monday, March 30, 2015


We all have been there. In love, and heartbroken over a stupid guy. People don't get it, your friends think you have lost it, and sometimes you wonder if you are even really this naïve. Unfortunately this plays out to the more extreme ends when you are thrust into the celebrity world, in love with a dude who clearly plays the game by his own rules.

Such is the case with Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's girlfriend. Saturday March 28th, Iyanla Vanzant from OWN's primetime television event sat down with Karrueche Tran to discuss what happened during her relationship with Chris Brown.

Various people shared their opinions on social media, and the world got to see just how she's coped with Chris Brown having a child she didn't find out about until it appeared on social media! Needless to say the two have now parted, with Karrueche still expressing genuine love for Chris.

I really hope for the sake of her heart, that she can move past this. It's never good to love someone who can't really see our worth. What we as women must realize that until we gain the love with seek outside of ourselves we will always encounter people that show us just how much we dislike ourselves.

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