Monday, May 12, 2014


What on God's green earth allows you to angrily, assault your sister's husband? Nothing has been more shocking this year as what I saw when I clicked on TMZ's video that showed an angry Solange Knowles going HAM on her brother in law Jay-Z supposedly at the Met Gala event last week inside of a hotel (The Standard) closed elevator, as Beyoncé stood by and watched it happen. Supposedly the gala's security accidently let this get released.... OK... right! Beyoncé's security guard cousin made several attempts at stopping her but she was relentless in plummeting him with punches, and kicks.

I really try to report positive news on my blog, so I'm talking about this because one I honestly believe whatever it was that might have transpired between the couple angered Solange to the point of this rage. I am not excusing her behavior but I just don't believe she's an angry woman who beat up her sister's husband just because she has an anger problem. Where else has it been reported that Solange acted this way? I'm not making assumptions, but I would assume some things have transpired that made her this angry, and that caused Beyoncé to stand back and not even protect her husband (Check out Bey, not making a move in video). It was a terrible sight to see, at times I cringed watching, but I am really praying for this family.

Took at look at this crazy video yourself:

Supposedly just days after the fight Beyoncé posted this on instagram. MMMMM, I know families fight, but this was crazy.


God Bless!!

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