Thursday, February 13, 2014


Someone said on Facebook today that it may be becoming a fad for celebrities to pop out a baby these days. Then I thought about that and said to myself well because I grew up at a time where pretty much everyone who is an artist now has grown up with me, they are at the age to be getting married and popping out little bambinos. LOL. One of the women preggers right now that came as a shock to all of us was rapper Lil Kim.

Lil Kim definitely changed the game with her historic rap hooks, and hardcore attitude. We probably weren't ready for Kim to be a mom just yet, as it seemed as though she was trying to put out some more music. Instagram went crazy last night when the news broke out that she showed the world she was pregnant at New York City fashion week. The comments on social media were at times mean, but none the less Kim is a grown woman who will be a mom soon. Funny how we are finding out folks are pregnant these days. Congrats Kimmie!!!!

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