Thursday, January 30, 2014


You guys know I am a fan of reality T.V to an extent. I love to see people who give us a piece of who they are with dignity and respect. I think it takes guts to show the world your imperfections.

This past week I became torn and slightly uncomfortable. After watching a fight scene, and drama enfold on 'Housewives Of Atlanta' I wasn't too sure I was still enthused about that drama anymore. I know people are human and we get upset, and sometimes overreact but what hurt was that some of the women on this show are educated, accomplished women, so to see them sell out for some ratings, and see the men act like animals, I wasn't impresed. What bothers me is that we have no filter of how America views us. We desire to be respected, but what happens when we allow the disrespect towards one another acceptable for a dollar.

As real as we think we are being, what are we saying to young adults, children, and other races in America who can only see who we are through television. This week host Wendy Williams stated that she would no longer be watching the show. Yikes. Wendy who has had strong opinions about the show in the past just felt like this drama was wayyyy to much for her. Check out the clip below:

God Bless!

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