Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It's not like we didn't know, but Ciara revealed to 'The View' and the world yesterday that she is in fact expecting first baby with rapper Future. Apparantly the news has sped up fast, since we're told Ci is actually seven months pregnant and has already put some contract clause in place for Future's concert dates, that no junk food be served. Not mad at her at all, but what's a pregnancy without some junk food??? Those that can be healthy while being pregnant, more power to you.

Since the news is out, Ciara is now doing interviews about the baby. Check out this one on Huffpost:

On performing while pregnant: Ciara:

“I haven’t toured in so long and we were trying to put tours together and even for the performance of the Grammy after party, If you go online to, you’ll see the videos that I did with them and I was actually four months, at that time period, almost five months [pregnant] and I was jumping around and everything.”

On her maternity style: Ciara:

“I kind of want to take a theme that baggy is the new sexy. I just want to be comfortable. When I can’t wear heels anymore, I won’t wear heels. I’ll be putting on my Jordans. I’ll be keeping it really simple. My Jordans and my Uggs will be my best friends. I like to get sexy, but I believe that pregnancy within itself is sexy and I don’t have to [overdo it]. I kind of like it not being about the abs and all that stuff. I really love this phase that I’m going through right now in my life and I just want to live in it and be a little mommy-to-be.” - See more at:

God Bless!!

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