Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Evelyn Lozada reality star turned A-list celebrity has not been quiet these days about her pregnancy, and now, who she is dating. There were all sorts of things being said last week that perhaps the child's father was probably former football start Ocho Cinco, but I never believed that for one bit. If I know my girl Ev and especially how much she's grown I knew she had a man in the background that she had been keeping on the stash. I'm not saying I disagree with her as history has shown having her business out in public wasn't always the best thing.

Supposedly Evelyn Lozada was secretly dating baseball star Carl Crawford for one year, and guess what you guys, he's no slouch. Carl has been playing for the Dodgers, worth 142 million and is 32 years old. Evelyn Lozada being 37, clearly shows she likes them young and possibly well to do, to say the least.

Alot of people were saying things like she found herself another baller, but in retrospect, aren't we as women suppossed to want more for ourselves. Now if we can get Evelyn down the aisle, and in a more stable relationship than before I'll be happy. Sometimes we trully have to let go of the nonsense to open up the door for God's blessings.

Check out the video of Ev talking about why the baby could never have been Chad's lol. 'Glory To The Highest'

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