Thursday, October 24, 2013


Evelyn Lozada spent so long hurting over her past relationship that now that she's finally over it, a year later, she refuses to rehash it. Especially if both parties have clearly moved on. As for Evelyn Lozada, she's on to bigger and better things, because she decided she wouldn't even tape the reunion show for this past season.With that said VH1 also decided to pull the plug on the reunion show.

I have to say there was nothing really to discuss. Even on the show we all saw how made up a lot of the story lines were, and how much Ev had moved on. The beginning of the season started off with a big Chad campaign, but once everything progressed there just wasn't that much material to focus on. With blogs, work out videos, speaking engagements, her daughter, her new found awareness of spirituality, Ev bowed out gracefully, and informed us she probably wouldn't do a sixth season. As much as I've enjoyed watch Evelyn grow I do want to see her on television again, but probably not in this aspect.

How much did they really pay crazy Suzie to roll on the floor and fight anyway last episode. That ending was the wackest thing ever. For those of you that have kept watching you know what I'm talking about because I can't even begin to relive it. lol.

"Glory To The Highest"

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