Tuesday, October 1, 2013


People are using social media these days to be outright hurtful. It could be from flaunting their new boo, or expressing their disdain for an ended relationship. I think its classless, and tasteless if you ask me. Feelings are hard enough to deal with but to have some people go on social media and fuel fires is just so cruel. I love me some 50 Cent, although I don't know how many people still do lol but he's always the center of some internet controversy. Although I love you bruh sometimes I wonder how much of it is to keep you somewhat in the light, even though you still have money, and classic hit records.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather may not have been in a love relationship but they definitely were tight and recently 50 Cent went on the internet to express some harsh things about Princess, a girl that he claims both Ray J and Floyd Mayweather were dating. A few weeks ago I reported that this might be Floyd's current girlfriend, but things were cleared up when Floyd in fact told media he was still engaged to Shantel Jackson. So it was kind of insane that 50 Cent would go onto to post the following photos of Princess which seem embarrassing and borderline harassment.

Floyd who wasn't too happy about this went on to post some not so nice things about people being trashy, and how you can take someone out of the slums but they can still have the same mentality. That's just the edited version. I just think it's so crazy that these two used to be friends and now 50 Cent is airing out all this stuff. SMH.

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