Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Basketball Wives: Miami, is starting to be the reality show that perhaps I may have to stop watching. Last night I was so confused at Tami's outburst over dinner, when the discussion with Shaunie and the ladies came up about why they had warned Tasha about her. For you to come to a meeting to defend yourself and still behave inappropriately; I have to say I was so confused. Tami stood up to slap Evelyn right after she had just argued that she was in a different place, and wanted to be viewed differently by the ladies. This sounds so childish but according to Tami; anyone talking with their hands is a no-no, and anyone is liable to get popped if you do. Talk about a double negative.

This season we are also seeing a very soft side of Evelyn. Too much of a soft side. I know it's hard breaking up with someone you love, but she's full of tears this season especially when it comes to the ladies making fun of the head-butting incident. Come on that's not the Evelyn I know. LOL. I love the ladies and I really applaud their individual business ventures outside of the show, but it may be time to put Basketball Wives: Miami to rest. Perhaps a spin-off for just Evelyn is in order. Also come on folks, we all know nobody talked about head-butting till Evelyn's incident, just stop.

After the show aired here is what Tami decided to say about the situation on her vlog!

“Everybody has a trigger and for me, putting your hand up…it’s not cool to me. It’s not gonna ever be cool to me And then you couple that with ‘B*tch?’ But let’s be clear, I didn’t punch her in her face. I didn’t do that. I was able to contain myself. But yes, I did take that fork out that b*tch’s hand because you know she would pick up something and throw it and I was not gonna let her stab me and my damn hand. I sure wasn’t; so I took that weapon away.” - See more at: http://bossip.com/835994/angry-bird-beef-tami-roman-speaks-on-almost-getting-slappy-happy-with-evelyn-she-kept-her-ss-in-that-seat/#sthash.z92iz6L2.dpuf

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