Monday, September 30, 2013


Dag K. Michelle I really was hoping for the best with the relationship with Lance Stephonson. If you all remember at the beginning of their relationship stories were flying that he was still involved with the mother of his child, or sneaking around. K. Michelle went on to say that she didn't believe it and that he was in fact innocent. Welp, this past weekend was totally different.

This sounds juvenile but one of K's fans supposedly sent a picture of him on instagram with his baby momma in the background. I mean come on, how many people was he really hiding from? SMH. Sounds like Lance was being spiteful. K, went on to post the following, but I really feel bad for her. I think she might have really liked this guy, since last month she told 105.1 "The Breakfast Club" she was in fact smitten, and happy. Sometimes its better to keep things private ladies until it really pans out!! I know we get all excited and stuff. In later updates on twitter K. Michelle was seen still referring to Lance as her boyfriend. K, we hope all of this is in fact rumors.................

This past weekend folks also spotted Mr.s Keyshia Cole at Young Jeezy's birthday party at Compound without her husband. I thought these two were working it out? I'm not happy about Jeezy info at all considering I've heard him saying some crazy stuff about their relationship in the past. This past weekend Keyshia also posted pics of her rekindling her relationship with her sister Neffe, and she's in talks of reuniting with old manger Manny. Ummmm she really needs a change though. I wonder if they will work through this, and not get a divorce. Is Daniel too soft for Keyshia, or is he that controlling husband that she's just plain tired of?

Here is Keyshia with Neffe:

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