Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Is Basketball Wives: Miami struggling for ratings, and using Tami Roman as a pawn? The verdict is out but I will say this I was shocked to see Shauni O'neale being so out spoken this season, and Tami being the butt of the jokes once again. If you caught last episode you caught Evelyn and Shauni laughing about Tami's facial gestures, and movements while discussing Tami's anger towards why they warned Tasha Marbury about her, even saying it could either go right or totally wrong. I was kind of like surprised because I feel like that's Tami's disclaimer about herself, so why the upset when people start to view you that way as well? Evelyn and Shauni were a little annoyed at her being upset at that and were talking about her behind her back clearly, which was not too weird for Evelyn if you remember the "non-mf factor" comment some seasons ago, but for Shauni. VERY!

According to Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed the show is struggling for ratings, and they are happy they jumped ship. I'm not so sure ratings would have been any better with them on, but check out what they had to say! It was interesting to see these two even corresponding on twitter but then again I'm not sure if these women have been as busy lately either, I could be wrong. (wink) THENNN When Evelyn had her 37th birthday party with PETA as a co-sponsor she implied Tami's no show as a hater move??? Yikes. Messy, Messy, Messy. Are the producers fishing for story lines now that the show is supposed to be so non-violent, or is this new Tami and Shauni beef real? Stay tuned for later episodes as it seems to get worse.

Here's the video of Tami's reaction towards Shauni and Evelyn's comments.

And here is Ev calling Tami a it could be hater????

Just in case you were wondering if there is a beef check out Tami's recent blog on episode 3!

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