Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Every woman gets to a place in her life where her experiences either break her or change her. We all have been there, and for Evelyn Lozada last season may have been an eye opener. Evelyn confirmed that after five seasons which is what she signed on for; she may be done with Basketball Wives: Miami.

A few weeks back Tami Roman also confirmed on Twitter to a fan, that she also might be packing that part of her life away to do new things. I am not surprised considering everyone has been talking about how luke warm the show viewership has been.

Here is what Evelyn had to say: On leaving Basketball Wives: “I signed on to do five seasons and this is our fifth. I don’t really see me doing a sixth season.

On getting her own spin-off: “I know I can carry my own show, pretty much carried this one. I would do my own show because I know I would have creative control. I’m in a different space, I’m open to doing a spin-off, but just not with a cast of women.”

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What are some things you grew out of? Arguing and holding on to resentment is definitely something that I have packed away. It does more for me to forgive and move on that to hurt, and get angry.

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