Monday, September 9, 2013


Celebs were burying the hatchet all weekend I guess, and some, well not so much. Tamar Braxton interviewed on 105.1 's "The Breakfast Club" this morning to talk about her new album, and to finally address K. Michell's apology a few weeks ago, stating she would buy Tamar's album. According to Tamar there isn't going to be a friendship anytime soon since she was called a "Muppet". YIKES. That was harsh of K, but it's K. Michelle we are talking about here. That girl knows how to carry on, and then apologize, but at least she tries to right her wrongs.

Tami Roman and Meeka "Liar" Claxton were caught at the New York Fashion week scene taking photos together!!! I'm not so sure about this either, since Meeka was slapped just two seasons ago for the entire world to see, but Tami is growing and trying to turn over a new leaf.

Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams supposedly did finally bury their hatchet, after Keyshia said some not so pleasant things about her performance at Super Bowl last year. Supposedly Keyshia's anger and retaliation was coming from Michelle commenting about her performance at one time. This is what she had to say: I apologize for the mean things I said, it hurt me when you went to your page and saw what u said during my performance. And that still doesn’t make it ok. I said what I said out of anger. And that’s the absolute WRONG time to say things. So can u admit to erasing the tweet that was said about me? So people know that anger came from a hurt place malicious? From a hurt place not a malicious place.

Michelle Williams then responded with the following accepting the apology:

Apology accepted @KeyshiaCole! We had an amazing conversation and I also say sorry for ANY misunderstandings! I’m so happy this happened!

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