Monday, August 12, 2013


It was really shocking to hear that R&B singer Chris Brown had suffered a seizure in an L.A studio, whereby the ambulance was called and Chris refused to go to the hospital. HUH. According to his management, due to stress, fatigue, and constant negativity Chris suffered a seizure. Also according to TMZ Chris Brown had suffered seizures in the past, which was news to everyone. It's hard to believe that although Chris has in the past fueled at least some of the negativity that has occurred within his career and life this young artist is going through so much. He tweeted today this scary tweet that his camp should definitely pay attention to. Everyone thinks being famous is easy, but when you become the center of scrutiny and criticism sometimes peace is hard to find in the world.

"They won't love you until u r a memory."

I pray for Chris's sake that these seizures are really being caused by stress, and that he isn't just a memory to us one day.

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