Friday, July 26, 2013


It saddened my heart today to read that Juror B29 who was on the George Zimmerman case actually convinced herself that George Zimmerman was in fact a murderer, and that had it not been for a technicality in the law he would not have been proven not guilty. Unbelievable. I can't imagine how Trayvon's parent's must have felt knowing this. I think we all have sat back and wondered how they could let a person who murdered someone walk away scott free, but to hear it is another deep sadness all together. Juror B29 who was the ONLY minority woman on the case said that she was the only one who voted to have Zimmerman charged for second degree murder, while others were split between not-guilty and man-slaughter.

Ultimately" the jurors had to go by the law and didn’t feel like the prosecution proved that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon intentionally. Unreal.. These minor details of the law could make taking a life not as important as having to prove that it was intentional.

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