Thursday, July 25, 2013


As we all approach our early, mid thirties, we all have some things we begin to sort of worry about. It could be career, having kids, or marriage. These days as Halle Berry showed us recently it is never too late to start pushing out babies, getting married, and beginning that process at 44 years old. LOL. I think it is enlightening, and encouraging to see women embracing that later in life especially when society makes us believe if you are 35 you are over the hill, and your chances of marriage or children are likely not going to happen.

Recently Kim Fields sat with the ladies of "The Real" and explained how she had been trying to get pregnant with her second child for a while, and it finally happened at 44. One of the things that I am a true testament of is that it's not when you say it's when God says. So if you are woman waiting to get pregnant, married, or whatever rest assured it will only happen at the divine time, when he says. Truth moment... I have wanted children for years, but I find hope in knowing that one day even if I am 44 that it will be just as beautiful because it will happen when it was supposed to. Until then ladies enjoy life.

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