Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I absolutely loved the new show tonight "Being Mary Jane"starring Gabrielle Union on BET. In her new show, Union plays Mary Jane Paul, a successful TV news anchor balancing work and relationships." This show speaks into my life with volumes. When you come from a family with a zillion sisters, who are married, have children, and successful, as the younger one let me just say the pressure is always on to measure up. So as I watched the show tonight, I laughed, and even shed some understanding tears for Mary Jane. She's fabulous, successful, and seeking stability. Not only does this show  her relationship struggles but it delves into race issues at work, and how family intertwines into all of this. The story of a lot of Black women in America. "She's human. That's what I wanted to show, (that) this woman is a person that we all can relate to," says Mara Brock Akil, the creator of Being Mary Jane".

We all are sometimes falling short of all these things we want, and that's the key here is that not only are we not perfect but we are making mistakes no matter how put together we are. I will definitely keep watching. Will you?

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