Monday, July 1, 2013


Instead of gowns, and photo ops people are getting slapped, and punched at award shows now. Allegedly Omarosa former cast member of "The Apprentice" had her mom put them paws on Claudia Jordan at the BET Awards after their continual beef over her taking a picture at her late husbands funeral last year. Claudia had been  saying on various shows that Omarosa used her late husband's funeral as a publicity opportunity. Umm that's kind of rude. According to sources Omarosa's mom decided to handle things and punch Claudia on the arm on the red carpet. I am so against violence among women, so this was classless to me, but are we surprised this was Omarosa's mom. Do you remember her behavior on "The Apprentice".

Look at the tweets these two posted last night comically:

Wow that awkward moment when you’re assaulted on the red carpet….@RealMuthaknows her mom sucka punched my arm…umm she just punched my arm like a coward.
Wow that wonderful moment when you realize that you too Blessed to be Stressed…Please don’t believe the hype! There was no drama w/ my mom & that briefcase model at the #BETAwards. Briefcase twit called TMZ 4press!!…Briefcase twit should stop calling the blogs w/ lies & call her agent (if she has one) & get a job! She’s too old to be twerkin! Amen!

Omarosa will never admit her mom went for a cheap shot.

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