Monday, June 17, 2013


We all have lessons that we must learn in order to go to the next dimensions in our lives. Sometimes the transitions are harder than we would like but they must happen in order for us to become who we are truly  meant to be. I saw the below picture of Chad OchoCinco Johnson today, and I have to say I was a little saddened. This year has been the roughest year of Chad's life. I think he definitely has learned some great lessons, and I can only pray for him that seven days in jail has been an eye awakening moment for him. If for one moment he thought something was funny about his domestic violence dispute,  as  Judge Mchugh felt he did,  seven days ago when she sentenced him to 30 more days in jail, I'm sure he's thinking correctly right  now. Chad, Chad, Chad, I hope you are finally in your new dimension. Today after the sentencing the judge released Chad with an extended one month probation. She reportedly said what he did to Evelyn Lozada was "horrific". We all have to pay for our faults.

chad ochocinco johnson-released from jail-served 7 days-from 30 days-the jasmine brand

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