Friday, June 28, 2013


Is it safe to say, that most people are interested in knowing the personnel lives of everyone from doctors to even now PASTORS. Well just in case you were in fact curious Oxygen is taking it to the church with "Pastors of LA". Is this exploiting, or is no entity private any longer? From what I can see the show will give very exclusives looks of these men's lives, down to their relationships.  "Cast members include: Bishop Noel Jones (of the ‘City of Refuge’), Deitrick Haddon (gospel singer), Bishop Clarence McClendonPastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson and Pastor Jay Haizlip". Honestly I'm a church goer as well, and I can't say that I am ok with this. Some things I do believe should be left sacred. We all make mistakes but does everything have to be broadcasted for the world to see? Do you think this will cause backlash for the church community? Check out the video.
The show will give a detailed look inside of the lives of well-known church leaders and pastors, with congregations in Los Angeles.


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