Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Every artist GREATEST fear on tour is that some big move designed to move the audience goes wrong and you end up hurting an audience member. This nightmare happened to Miguel and he could be facing a lawsuit. During the recent Billboard Music Awards Miguel accidentally drop kicked a woman while jumping onto the stage. Khyati Shah according to TMZ suffered trauma to the brain from the accident. Rumors say that folks are wondering if she's being real, or possibly looking for some cash. If you see the pictures and footage, it looks pretty bad.
Miguel-legdrop victim-possible brain injury-lawsuit-the jasmine brand
Unfortunately after the incident happened because the show had to go on, the girl was given a measily ice pack, and Miguel rushed to the girl shortly after the show. SMH. They are now waiting for results from the neurologist, and all will be revealed next week so decisions can be made on if there will be a possible lawsuit. Poor Miguel.


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