Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Since I love my girl Kelly Rowland I thought I'd hit you guys with the teaser for "Dirty Laundry". This one is spicy ya'll, Kelly looks beautiful, and really tells the story well with what I can see so far. I can't wait for the full release of this video. Remember the album "Talk A Good Game" is in stores.

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Also Rasheeda and Kurk's  marriage, from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta has been all the buzz, with her calling him a deadbeat on instagram, and her shooting a video on Monday's episode FOUR months pregnant.  These two has us all saying WHAT!!!! If you peeped the show on Monday you saw that Rasheeda who was clearly showing, was shooting a video for her mixtape song "Hit It From The Back, well I logged onto my new fave bloggers site this afternoon and saw it for myself. Yup Rasheeda definitely looked preggers. On Monday's show Kurk and Deb Antney advised Rasheeda to table the video and work on her other projects, but nope she didn't listen. Check it out. Let me know if you like the video? Rasheeda is beautiful though, you gotta give her that. Are her and Kurk even still together after all this mess. That man deserves to be smacked if you ask me, but I'll be nice.

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