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When the job market plummeted, the people hurt the hardest were African American women. This has called for many women, and especially these sisters to decide to take business into their own hands, stepping out on faith with a brand all of their own.  "The Bling Sisters” originally from Brooklyn created a line of hats, and accessories that would be marketable to all types of women depending on how you classify yourself.  

 Iesha, Alexis, and Dena grew up loving the fashion industry and all things styling. The younger of the siblings Dena, was always encouraged to go into modeling by her two supportive sisters, because of her extreme talent in the field. When life changed its course the sisters put their dreams of fashion to bed until Dena decided she was going to come up with this brilliant idea of making their own line of hats and accessories.

The line incorporates popular slogans that women tend to say to themselves such as "Blessed", "Hot" or whatever else we are saying these days. When you wear this line not only do you feel empowered but you are supporting three women who had a dream and achieved it. There is no limit to what these sisters will end up doing next with their line. To learn more of about the line, see the below information.




Call : 347-651-0596 or 917-627-2583
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