Thursday, June 20, 2013


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Diddy is doing it again. This man never sits down, I tell you. Diddy is launching a new channel called Revolt TV through Time Warner Cable to offer the ESPN of music to 12 million subscribers. According to New York Post the channel will receive fees from Time Warner to carry the channel.

Diddy says:

We’re taking the model of being the ESPN of music. We wanna talk about people that love and know music. If you ain’t saying nothing…your days are numbered. We looking for interns, creative directors, we open for hire and we writing checks. So we providing jobs for our hip-hop community.
When MTV stopped playing video, they used a gaping hole and an opportunity…Videos that seven minutes, ten minutes, covering Summer Jam.

This sounds like good stuff, and I am truly excited because we have been missing this on television.
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