Monday, June 24, 2013


Last night as I was cruising through Face book  and I couldn't help but see the angry post about the anticipated documentary on OWN entitled "Dark Girls". The documentary touched on the prejudices that dark skinned sisters face through out the world. Throughout the documentary people were sharing their accounts of personal stories about their beliefs on the stigmas, stereotypes, and how society has created different ideas.
dark girls-own-the jasmine brand
I grew up in a family that was predominantly filled with darker skinned women. For me being the only lighter skin sister sometimes meant poking fun at me, or me wanting to be darker skinned. This conversation can vary depending on who your are talking to, so sometimes there is no wrong or right. I found it intriguing how many people were pissed off on Facebook last night, not realizing that most importantly this conversation is being had. Check out the video below if you missed it on!

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