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I'm sure anyone who is still a fan saw how much of a crab Kirk Frost acted tonight on Love & Hip-Hop Atalanta when Rasheeda told him she was pregnant. With the difficulties in their marriage, and business being slow, Kirk felt like this was the wrong time to be discussing new born's,  but still. As a man Kirk, especially being taped for a show that most people watch, you had a responsibility to be a little bit more considerate to your wife who was ummmm two months pregnant. That's just my opinion. Like really who does that? I held my heart in my hand, to hear Rasheeda explain to him why having a baby was more of a blessing, than a monkey wrench in his life plan.

Everyone has been buzzing on line about what is going on with these two. I'm not sure but the rumor mill was that these two were getting divorced, people were saying the baby was SCRAPPY's!  and that Kirk was a bit on the fruity side, which I really don't believe even though tonight made me waver. I think Rasheeda is pregnant, and Kirk probably ended up handling his business,  and this may be to pull at our heart strings a little for the show. Either way I hope they were able to work it out. This week Kirk interviewed with Hip Hop Daily Press to discuss his thoughts on this season, and what really was going on. He still never confirmed the divorce, but he did reveal that Rasheeda is emotional......

On how he feels about season two, as opposed to season one: 
Season one, things went well but with season 2 we should get a lot more out of it. You can’t have a call in it. You wake up and you hear all these things about yourself. I deal with so much on a daily. I’m still learning, behind the scenes and for me to be where I’m at now, Im still making an adjustment to it.

On rumors that this will be his last season on LHHA: 

I would do it. There is some type of enjoyment that you get out of the work as well. I’m not looking to not do Love & Hip Hop. There is so much going on in the second season, I can’t even think where do we go from here.

The most challenging part of him being in a relationship with Rasheeda: 
That’s [the business] the most challenging part about the relationship other than the relationship itself. Rasheeda is my friend, we’re always gonna be friends and that's the good part about it. We are argue back and forth like brothers and sisters in a way because the artist thing, she has things she thinks she should do as an artist and I have things I think she should do as an artist. With her being a wife she can do things that an artist cant do, which again I try to tell her if she were another artist it wouldn’t work this way.

Why He Intervened In The K.Michelle and Rasheeda Altercation: 
I tried to stay out of the Rasheeda and K.Michelle thing, but when it came to the point where K.Michelle picked up the candle, everybody’s says candle wax, but it was a glass candle and she threw it at Rasheeda’s face. If Rasheeda’s reflexes were any slower, you could have bust an eye or knocked a tooth out.
Rasheeda is pregnant at this time. Everybody is not getting the just of why I’m stepping to her. TV is one thing, working is another thing but you permanent scarring her or hurting her that way, that's not part of what we signed up for. That’s my son’s mom, that’s my wife.
If he and Rasheeda are getting a divorce: 
Have things gotten rough for us? Yes. You guys are gonna see a lot of it on the show. A lot of the stuff honestly we put it on broadway. You are gonna get a lot deeper into Kirk and Rasheeda. Me and Rasheeda are definitely friends for sure. Rasheeda is really emotional right now, she really is pregnant.
If Rasheeda Is Pregnant By Scrappy: 
No. Rasheeda is not pregnant by Scrappy. People hear me say one thing and then run with the rumors.
On His Sexuality: 
 I am straight as I can be. I don’t like guys, never wanna like guys, never been gay, never will be gay.

On His Sexuality: 
 I am straight as I can be. I don’t like guys, never wanna like guys, never been gay, never will be gay.
Listen to the full interview below.

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