Tuesday, May 28, 2013



While Erica Dixon from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta is getting these modeling checks, Scrappy and Shay are running around town in love or what? As we have seen the past few weeks on the show Scrappy and Erica, haven't been quite in love as we thought they would be when they got engaged on the reunion show, slapping Shay in the face with a hard reality. Erica is now stating to blogger's and folks, that  Scrappy only proposed because his rap checks had stopped flowing in. To top it all off, just when we thought these two might get it together reports stated that Scrappy and Shay were off canoodling at clubs on Memorial weekend. These two!!!

As much as Scrappy acts like his mama isn't a big influence I can't help but shake my head as how she must know her son very well, to know her antics would eventually work and she would have him away from Miss Erica. Just a few weeks back when Scrappy was arrested pictures showed Erica, Scrappy, and Mamma Dee supporting him in  turning himself in. What could have  happened? This season has left us wondering what the almighty is going on? scrappy-proposes-erica-dixon-7

Check out Shay and Scrappy in South Beach this past weekend.....................


Will he propose to Shay this reunion show, at the end of the season? I can't help but feel how thirsty Shay has portrayed herself to be on the show. Was she this thirsty on "The Flavor Of Love"???

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