Monday, April 8, 2013


Why is it so deep if Ray J puts out a song stating “I Hit It First”. How many people has he hit really? Everyone assumed that he was talking about Kim Kardashian? I honestly wasn’t thinking about it, but I mean he did make her famous according to everyone else. Ray J spoke with Hot 97.1’s Cipha Sounds & Paul Rosenberg show and explained it wasn’t that deep, he wasn’t speaking of anyone in particular.  Kim is pregnant for God's sakes will everyone stay calm. We really don't want to get Kanye super riled up. What do you think?
Ray J responds:

"It’s not about that, it’s about a concept. People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love. Like its a song, we just having fun-that’s it."

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