Monday, April 1, 2013



Last night was the finale show of this season for Real Housewives Of Atlanta and it was bitter sweet to see just how much a small jack behind Kordell Stewart really is for secretly filing for divorce last week from Porsha Stewart. Not only did he display signs of being insensitive this season but he seemed like he was bossy and controlling. Media outlets reported last week that he had filed for divorce from Porsha on the low, after having some marital problems they were supposed to be working on. We all were shocked to find out that she was clueless about the whole thing but then again women sometimes can be delusional so who knows.

Well I guess Miss Porsha wised up a few days later because she is now using Nene Leakes' divorce  lawyer Randell Kessler. Kordell has an estimated worth of 16 million. Yowsers! Last season it was in question on whether Miss Porsha signed a pre-nup but it seems as though she might have. Ughhh.

Here is what's new this week. We still are kind of confused as to what really went wrong in their marriage but reality tv has kept us fully aware that Kordell might have been a chauvinistic pig. Porsha is now asking for alimony and Kordell is now saying Porsha can take care of herself. What is wrong with this guy? Was she not your housewife while she was married to you? Porsha also now wants exclusive use to their Atlanta home. Girl get paid!!!

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