Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Each week the female bloggers of The Gossip Game will share their thoughts on the weeks episode. This week Angela Yee from 105.1 shares her thoughts on everything radio, and let's us know what really matters to her at the end of the day. Angela Yee posted her true feelings on her blog about why she decided to do reality television. I’m not going to lie, this forum is selling, and it’s definitely winning. Given the opportunity I think it would be a good arena for anyone building their brand, and trying to become a common face media. Will Angela Yee’s career suffer.? Honestly I believe anyone’s career that suffers, it’s basically on you. They may give you  a story line, but they don’t tell you what to say, and how to react. You choose what you want the public to see, and know you for.

Why would you agree to do a reality show? That’s the first question I get in almost every interview. It seems that everyone and their mama has a show now, or is working on a pilot for a show, or has an idea for a show that could work. There’s a stigma about reality shows and the people who star in them. Reality shows mean your career will end, your marriage will be cursed, you have to fight and/or throw a drink, or you’re going to end up broke and a has-been when the series ends. Only a slim percentage of people will go on to profit and reap the benefits.
When I interviewed Marlon Wayans, he pulled me to the side after and warned me not to get into a fight or act crazy on TV. Of course, that was never my intention. I’ve seen people “turn up” for the camera, thinking that this is the best way to maximize their platform and get more camera time. This formula works, but it’s shortsighted. When the season ends, where do you go?
The Gossip Game is supposed to defy this formula. There are 7 women who have their careers and reputations on the line. After working over 8 years in radio to build my brand, I would never want to misrepresent myself. I’ve had to deal with racism, sexism, rumors, malice, a little bit of everything. I’m used to being around men at work all the time, and dealing with a cast of women is a completely different arena. The first episode centers around the Power 105/Hot 97 beef. Kay Foxx refers to Power as “the other station” repeatedly, and Flex gives one of his ageing rants about how he has the crown, blah blah blah. I never looked at our situation as “beef.” I always viewed it as they don’t like us and feel superior.
After watching the first episode, I knew I made the right decision coming to work at Power. We go hard, respect each other, and love coming to work every day. I did the show because I want young people to know that you can have a profitable career doing what you love. But you can’t get distracted by the people around you who want to see you fail. The one thing that matters to me the most is what is on the air every single morning. I don’t care who hates me on twitter, who thinks they could do my job better than I can, who thinks I’m unattractive or can’t dress… I care about who supports me and what I bring to the table. I see the humor in life every day, and I laughed a lot last night!

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