Thursday, March 21, 2013

CHAD GOES IN ON EVELYN..............

Why can’t break ups just end off nicely? Just when I thought things had really quieted down with Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson it seems like there’s more beef lurking. With Chad pursuing therapy and Evelyn toying with a Christian lifestyle after their divorce, I thought everyone had taken the high road. Well maybe not. When Chad was questioned on twitter about how he would be able to sustain a relationship without a football career his response was “That one left already,". Yikes.
Since all everyone does is sit on twitter all day, of course some Evelyn fans came to her defense:
"How dare you say such a thing," one person questioned. "You (expletive) up not Evelyn Lozada."

So Chad responded by saying:
"So did Magic and Bill..get a clue dummy," Johnson told the person defending Lozada on Twitter.
Johnson then began to spout expletives at Lozada's public relations agent, Danika Berry.
"Let's talks about the late night text messages and sneaking around she was doing while we together smashing CERTAIN people," Johnson tweeted to Berry.
"Lucky it's a certain code as dudes you never break or i'd tell all her sneaky escapades oh saved one," Johnson tweeted.
Shaniece Hairston, Lozada's 19-year-old daughter, took to Twitter to caution Johnson against bullying his followers while defending her mother.
"@ochocinco U r so busy going on a rant about other people. How about u talk about your self," Lozada's daughter questioned. "U have a child in Liberty City that u do not take care of, u have a sex addiction and was ABUSIVE to other women before U met my mother."
Despite the exchanges taking place, Lozada took to her own Twitter account to spread positivity amid the controversy.
"I'm not bitter. I'm not angry," Lozada tweeted. "Fools talk because they're trying to convince themselves. The wise are quiet because they already know their truth."

It’s actually sad because its clear that Chad is very sour about his career. Maybe what he should focus on is getting on a new team instead of going backwards into his past relationship. What’s done is done, everyone just needs to move forward.  But then again, what would we blog about if he stopped right. LOL.

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