Monday, February 4, 2013




Sometimes mixing friendships, business, and love can be sketchy, especially if the people involved can’t separate the three. So the craziest thing I heard last night on Love & Hip Hop was “I’m white, it will get done”. That was a classic statement of the year. In an argument between Jen The Pen and Raqi, Jen felt like Raqi’s sexual connotations on her radio audition for Ebro Program Director from Hot 97, was sexually driven, and not enough time for her to shine. Raqi you can’t get respected if you are known for throwing your drawers around let's just get that clear. So in a heated debate about how sleazy she thought Raqi was she blurted out how privileged she was because she’s white, meaning how easy it would be for her to get another opportunity because of her skin color. Umm sorry booo that was all types of wrong. I understand you may be telling the truth to some degree, but it was not for you to say on live TV, someone get this lady please.

Yandy also showed her more flirtatious side when she showed us ladies how to work it for our special someone this Valentines Day by making Mendeecees a special sexy video to convince him to move to New Jersey right along with her MOMMA. Yandy I have to admit I’m not that mad, I understand the struggles of being a mom, and sometimes you need your parents to help. Mendeecees, sounds like you are tied to Yandy and her mother for the long hall, get used to it. Until you put a ring on it, you kind of have to go along with the flow.

Also last night Erica Mena, and Tahiry showed us that they can sing their little butt’s off with AUTO-TUNE. I’m sorry if you just love to sing, they have small talent shows, and Karaoke’s everywhere but everyone jumping on the singing artist band-wagon on the show is pure comedy. !!

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