Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yesterday various blogs put out some information that Keyshia Cole might have hinted at a problem with her marriage to Daniel"Boobie" Gibson. Since Keyshia took it upon herself to go all haywire on Michelle Williams’ performance at the Super Bowl everyone was left with a confused face, about why Keyshia was going in so hard. Let’s not forget some people tried to imply that her account had been jacked. In the midst of all that Keyshia tweeted yesterday: “A h-e is a sneaky n-ggas dream” and “Show a girl you don’t care and she’ll chase you. Show a woman you don’t care and she’ll replace you.”
Well that left everyone wondering what was going on. To add more fuel Boobie then posted this:
I remember me now…
Lord…I suffered through the years..& shed so many tears.
Trust nobody

So late last night Boobie wanted to shed some clarity on us nosey folks so he posted the below picture and caption.

We the cause of all of that commotion.. Ya mouth runnin but where is ya goin’. It just amazes me how.. In a world already filled with so much tragedy & hardship. Ppl still would Luv 2 see us fail instead of show #luv. Well won’t happen here.. @KeyshiaCole is my heart & what we have is from the soul. Can’t nothin Break that. Happy VDay!

I say keep your arguments and thoughts about your relationship to yourself. If we have learned anything from Jay and Bey, its relationship affairs should be left private. It is so much better in the long run. I wish these two the best.

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