Monday, February 18, 2013


Kandi Burruss from Atlanta Housewives Of Atlanta, has been known to try anything these days that she can flip a coin with and  make some dollars, including sex toys, country music, and now gospel. Kandi has recently released a new song entitled "Stay Prayed Up". If Kandi wasn't always meddling in everything, I think I would actually believe her desire to really have the greatest desire to do gospel, but to me she comes off a lot of times just wanting a peace of the pie. The song "Stay Prayed Up" debuted on ITunes at the # 1 spot. Even though some folks liked the idea the church folks were in an uproar because of Kandi's involvement in sex toys, and very vocalized sex life on her show "Kandi Koated Nights". After much criticism here is what Kandi had to say about the the song.

I knew when I decided to do it that I would be criticized. That’s to be expected. I’m a single mom that had a child out of wedlock, I speak openly about sex on #KandiKoatedNights, I have #BedroomKandi, etc… I’m very honest about who I am. My great grand father & my grandfather were Bishops in The Church of God Holiness. I believe in God but I have always struggled with the rules of the church just like a lot of people. The song “Stay Prayed Up” is like a testimony for me. Hopefully people with a similar struggle can relate.

None of us are perfect, and who am I to say that Kandi isn't off in a corner praying every day. Maybe there is something God is doing in her life that none of us have a right to question. God speaks to many of us, sometimes right in the middle of what others perceive is wrong. Kandi if you really wrote this song from the hard, more power to you.

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