Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Michelle Obama Rolls Eyes Twice at John Boehner

Everyone has been all abuzz about this eye roll that supposedly Michelle Obama gave Republican House Speaker John Boehner at the Inaugural luncheon. People are we fishing for stuff or what??? Because I kind of don’t feel like the eye roll was intentional at all. I think she was eating, and was probably wondering what they are whispering about in back of me. Of course because America is now so personally involved with Obama they got a mouth reader: Larry Wenig, who stated the conversation was about the below:
Boehner asked President Obama — a longtime smoker who claims to have kicked the habit — if he’d taken a smoke break, before the luncheon. The speaker, a chain smoker, then quipped,
“Somebody [Michelle] won’t let you do it.”

Ok you’ll we clearly are fishing but check it out for yourself.  If Michelle confirms this I’m going to really be done. LOL.

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