Friday, December 21, 2012


Hello L.Y.P Readers,

First and foremost I want to say thank you for those who read all the time, and even go as far as commenting. When I started this blog seriously it was a fluke, I thought I have a strong opinion, and maybe this will lead me to what I’m really supposed to be doing in life. Well almost two years later and honestly I am still searching, but I know this, you keep reading, and I love to supply the juicy details. This year we all in some way have suffered heart break, disappointment, joy, struggle, and sometimes just anger. The whole point is to always remember there is a purpose, and always keep having the faith in God. What makes us all the same celebrities or not is that we’re all emotional, and we all sometimes make the craziest mistakes. I am not any closer to having it all together, and even with millions of dollars they don’t either. That’s the joy in being human, is that you get to do it all over the next day God willing. This holiday be grateful, be happy, enjoy life, and let the rest fall where they may. Again thank you so much for always reading my blog, and even going as far as reading my blog on WBLS, and yes that happened too this year. They actually think I know what I'm talking about here. Isn’t life funny? The corky chick from Brooklyn is actually humorous. So many lost their lives this year, and suffered great tragedy, so right where you are standing in one piece is enough to say thank you to your maker. Remember to do something special for someone, as small as it might be it matters. Merry Christmas!!! I love you from L.Y.P Service.

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