Thursday, December 20, 2012


I always thought Coco and Ice T's relationship was weird. Even though I don't like to judge the way people dress or look I always wondered why he chose to really commit himself to her because I knew how biased men could be about women and what they portray. Coco for years has been seen as show girlish, slutty, and plain old pornographic. Last week pictures surfaced of Coco having fun with a guy named AP. 9 in Las Vegas. Coco like anyone else who gets busted, brushed this entire situation off to a big misunderstanding and just wanted to make everyone believe that these were just pictures misconstrued into something else.

Well unfortunately for Ice T, AP.9 is now bragging that way more happened with him and Coco and he will release photos of her if paid the right price.. Ughhh. I just feel bad because I know how much scrutiny Ice T faced for even dating a woman like Coco who seemed like more than a side piece than a wife.

Here is what Ice T had to say about the whole thing on twitter recently:

 "Most of them [are] disrespectful and in bad taste. She's made me look…and feel like s***.